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The Vero Story

30 years ago the Scarnato Brothers set out to create great Chicago style pizza but they never dreamed that one day it could reach cities all over the country, now Vero Chicago Pizza will make that a reality.

After spending 20+ years in the Chicago-land area crafting and honing their own style and creating two successful restaurant concepts, The Scarnato family brought their Chicago style pizza to Arizona. After finding even greater success and growth in both popularity and critical acclaim, our brand continued to grow and after countless requests the Scarnato family has now developed a concept that can take their pizza nationwide.

With 30+ years of experience the Scarnato brothers enlisted the help of the next generation of the family who has not only lived and worked in this industry but brought another level of expertise necessary to our franchise efforts. As always, Vero Chicago Pizza will offer 'True' Chicago style pizza along with family recipes and other Chicago staples, all made with the freshest ingredients you can find.

Taao Scarnato
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