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Look out for the first two Vero locations coming to the East Valley of Phoenix early 2021.
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Queen Creek, AZ

News & Promos

Check Out Our Video with the Owners!

February 17, 2021

Joe Scarnato and Tarin Scarnato sit down to answer some questions regarding the Queen Creek location's transition to Vero and the transition at large that will affect all former Buddyz locations in the future.

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The Vero Story

February 17, 2021

30 years ago the Scarnato Brothers set out to create great Chicago style pizza but they never dreamed that one day it could reach cities all over the country, now Vero Chicago Pizza will make that a reality.

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The original location that brought the Scarnato family from Chicago to Phoenix Arizona. The formerly Buddyz location, turned the whole valley onto authentic Chicago-style pizza in 2013. Joe Scarnato took the family concept out to the East Valley and found success beyond their expectations. Queen Creek is home to a simple open floor concept and a small bar to compliment their wide selection of craft beers. The Queen Creek location has also catapulted Vero into success, becoming a familiar name across the Phoenix area. The “original” location out west has continued to bring fresh food prepared from scratch along with a rotation of over 40-craft beers customers flock to on a daily basis.


Tarin Scarnato

Tarin is an Owner and Operator of the Queen Creek location and the face many of you know. Tarin is a life long restauranteur as he is the son of one of the Founder's of the Scarnato Family's many Pizzeria concepts. Tarin also controls the administrative side of the Vero Franchise company as the President of the company.

Alex Mejia

Alex started as a line cook when this location first opened seven years ago, today he is a part owner of both this location and the new Vero Franchise company. Alex is an integral part to making sure not only Queen Creek's kitchen runs smoothly but all other locations as well.