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Here's a little history of our journey.

In 1992, Joe and Tim Scarnato owned and operated their first carry-out and delivery pizzeria in the northern suburbs of Chicago. After opening three more stores over the course of a decade, the brothers decided to open their first full-service restaurant with Buddyz A Chicago Pizzeria.In addition to their pizza, they brought more family recipes to the menu including the homemade Beef Sandwich.

In 2013, It was time to expand once again. Joe took Buddyz where many Chicagoans migrated: Arizona.  

In 2017, after his brother Tim and son Tarin joined him in Arizona, they opened their third location in the Phoenix neighborhood of Ahwatukee. Despite the “big three” Chicago pizza staples in Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, and Giordano’s joining them out in the desert, Buddyz found their own path to success.

Since 2016, Buddyz has been named Best Deep Dish, Top 14 Pizza Places, and Top 15 Must Try Restaurants in the metro Phoenix area. Just recently, they were also named one of the Top 100 restaurants in the Phoenix area.

Fall 2020 brought more expansion to the Phoenix market with the opening of the final Buddyz in San Tan Valley. Shortly after the opening of this store the Scarnato Family decided to expand again, but in a different way.

Thus began Vero Chicago Pizza, a franchise company created by the Scarnatos. With a fresh rebrand and a team of two generations of Scarnatos at the helm, Vero Chicago Pizza plans to have four locations in the East Valley in 2021.

Scarnato Family History

The Beginning

The Scarnato Brothers open their first take-out and delivery location in the Chicagoland Area.


Scarnato Brothers open their second take-out/delivery location.

Scarnato Family Opens 3rd Chicagoland Location

And Again!

In a quick three years, the Scarnato family found great success in owning and operating take-out/delivery pizzerias.

And a Fourth!

The Scarnatos open their fourth location in 1996.

The Scarnato Family establishes a new brand,
Pizza Italia


The Scarnato Family breaks away from their partners to create their  own restaurant concept, Pizza Italia. Two of their previous locations are rebranded and the others are sold.

Pizza Italia opens its 3rd location featuring a small dining area.

After getting a taste for dine-in restaurants, the Scarnato Family once again plans to build a new concept featuring a full dining room and bar to offer their premium product from oven to table.


Buddyz A Chicago Pizzeria opens in 2006 in Algonquin, IL.

The Scarnato Family sells their first concept Pizza Italia

2nd BUDDYZ location opens in McHenry, IL

Half of the Scarnato Family moves West.

2013 - First Phoenix Location.

Buddyz A Chicago Pizzeria opens their first location in Queen Creek, AZ.

Buddyz Food Truck

In 2015, the Scarnato Brothers bring their concept to a food truck, servicing all of Phoenix.

2016 -
Open 2nd AZ Location

Buddyz opens its 2nd Arizona location in Gilbert, AZ.

3rd Location Opens in Ahwatukee

In 2017, the Scarnato Brothers open their third location in Arizona.

San Tan Valley is Home to the 4th and Final BUDDYZ.

A New Concept is Born. VERO Chicago Pizza

The Scarnato Family builds a new franchise concept to allow their friends and family to join in on their success.

2021 -

The first Vero Chicago Pizza location opens in Gilbert, AZ, and all former Buddyz transition to the new Vero name.

“Eventually, I think Chicago will be the most beautiful great city left in the world”
Frank Lloyd Wright

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any further questions feel free to get in touch.
Vero o falso? Are we Buddyz A Chicago Pizzeria?
True! And False!  We are the founders and original family behind Buddyz A Chicago Pizzeria and Pizza Italia restaurant concepts. However, as of 2021 all remaining Buddyz locations, who are still operating under the name Buddyz, are not affiliated with the Scarnato Family and Vero Chicago Pizza.
Why the name change?
The Scarnato family made the decision to grow and evolve their pizzeria concept into a franchise. As there was a trademark issue with a long standing Detroit Pizzeria, the Scarnatos chose to rebrand to Vero Chicago Pizzeria.
Are the recipes staying the same?
The Scarnato recipes that you have come to know and love over the past 30 years are never changing. Our food is the driving force of our success,  and we are constantly developing new exciting offerings whilst staying true to our roots.

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