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Look out for the first two Vero locations coming to the East Valley of Phoenix early 2021.
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Ahwatukee, AZ

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2017 saw more growth for The Scarnato Family in the Phoenix area and it was time to bring Joe’s brother, Tim, out West from his location in Chicago, and Ahwatukee was where they found their next home. This location, is one of the largest to date, this location features a large open dining concept and outdoor seating along the foothills bringing Chicago-style pizza further West into the beautiful landscape of this Phoenix neighborhood. What sets this location apart is its prominent bar and community table. With the recent expansion of the 202, even more of Phoenix and the West Valley can enjoy all the Windy City cuisine Vero Chicago Pizza (formerly Buddyz) has to offer with the Ahwatukee location.


Alex Mejia

Alex started with Vero under the Buddyz brand as just another pizza line cook back in 2014, he would quickly rise to become a part owner and integral partner in both the Buddyz and now Vero brands. As Chief of Operations at Vero Franchising he knows exactly what it takes to bring the quality of food and service that Vero is known for to his restaurants. He will play an integral role in each of the new Vero locations while still managing Ahwatukee.